Tae Kwon-Do International European Champships Infomation Pack

Follow the link below to the Polish champships infomation pack which can be read on line or downloaded.
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TaeKwonDo International World Championships 2016

The 2016 TaeKwonDo TI World Championships
Are to be held on 16th & 17th July 2016
 At The Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham.

Check out www.worlds.tkdi.biz for more Information as and when it becomes available.
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English Championships Entry Pack

This years entry TAGB English pack is now on the site.
Please click the link below:

Please Note: Only Instructors can enter students into the championships.
Instructors can contact Grand Master Oliver for a Instructor's entry pack. 
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WTA 2015 World Taekwon-Do Championships

WTA 2015 World Taekwon-Do Championships next July 25-27 in Roana, Italy
Dear Competitors, Instructors & Masters of Traditional Taekwon-Do.

I hope this message finds you doing very well.

I personally would like to invite you and your team to join us for this World Event  of Traditional Taekwon-Do.  

These 2015 World Taekwon-Do Championships are being held July 23-26, 2015 in Roana, Italy. 

There are still hotel rooms available, further information can be obtained by going to www.WorldTKD2015.com.

There will be excellent competition in:

Traditional Technical Patterns
Open Patterns
Point Sparring
Continuous Sparring
Super Tul (Technical Patterns with all entry fees going to the winner!)
Team - 3 Point Sparring.
Team - 5 National Team Synchronized  Patterns.
Team - 5 National Team
Continuous Sparring.

All official letters, hotel booking, transfer info can be obtained by contacting info@roanaservizi.it Special room rates of 65 Euros include three (3) meals per day.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday,  July 23, 2015 - ·      
Official registration and weigh-in will take place in Roana, Italy at
·  International Black Belt Promotional Exam-  Must be pre-registered and approved.

Friday, July 24, 2015 –
World Colored Belt Festival –
All colored belts compete in Patterns and Point
All Black Belt patterns Competition.
Super Tul Competition.

Saturday, July 25, 2015 –
Opening Ceremonies
World Youth Taekwon-Do Championships
Black Belt Team Events.
Dinner Banquet.

Sunday, July 26, 2015 –
World Prime Taekwon-Do Championships.         
All Adult Black Belt individual competition.
Event Celebration Party.

Monday, July 27, 2015 –·  
Optional touring package to the mountains of Italy, Verona, Venice and a beautiful beach resort.  

Contact info@roanaservizi.it for details.

Thank you for your interest in participating in this prestigious World Championship event that is specifically for the World Traditional Taekwon-Do Families.  

I look forward to meeting you there.
Warm Regards,Grand Master S. McNeelyUSA
Please click the link for the divisions, rules and schedule of events planned for the WTA 2015 World Taekwon-Do Championships next July 25-27 in Roana, Italy.

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International Charity TKD Tournament Canada

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TKDI European Championships Details plus Best Hotels for the Championships

Click the Poster to go to  www.taekwon-do.ch website.
 For TKDI European Championships details and also the best hotels in Davos follow link below poster.
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8th Tae Kwon-Do European Championships in Davos

Dear friends of martial arts

TAE KWON-DO INTERNATIONAL SWITZERLAND is organizing the 8th Tae Kwon-Do European
Championships in Davos

For these championships martial arts clubs as Taekwon-Do (TI,WTF,ITF), Karate and Kick boxing are
allowed to compete with adults and childrens.

The event takes place as follows:

Saturday 29 to Sunday 30 of March 2014,
starting at 08.00 a.m. (on the 29. of March 2009)
at the Arkaden-Sports-Hall
of Davos-Platz, Switzerland

You find more details from the following information.
Besides sparring runningtime & point stop, Patterns, Tagteam, Teampatterns, Teamfight,Speedkick for children and the discipline “Breaking” will also be performed.
We are organizing a discipline “Score Team 20” (the best tree teams) as awards are: Big Trophys.

A team of qualified referees will ensure fair judgements for the fights.
The organizing committee invites highly experienced fighters from Switzerland, Europe, Canada,
South Africa, Russia, South America and so on for this big event. We expect about 1’500 starter from
approx. 20 countries.

Please enter this special day in your diary! We are happy to welcome you to this event in


Renato Marni
6. Dan

Beni Garrido
2. Dan

Matthias Hoppler
3. Dan

Sandra Camenisch
1. Dan
General Secretary
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Master C K Choi Master and Master Tom Thurston have together wrote a book called

For the body, mind and spirit.


Our goal in writing this book was to present the elements of good character from a martial arts perspective in a way that offers a blueprint for positive living that can be adopted by all people. 

It is independently published by Sidekick Publications Ltd and is 
available now at Amazon.com and later through most retail book stores. 

To view a few pages of book for free, log onto amazon.com, click BOOKS 
and then type in "traditional martial arts philosophy"

If you like what you read, please leave a book review on amazon.com 
under the section called LEAVE A REVIEW.
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Martialarts4fun Demo Team Olympic Torch Highlights

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WTA International Goodwill Tournement held in Dallas, Texas.

17 countries and 23 US states took part in the 2011 International tae kwon do Goodwill Championships at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel, Dallas, Texas, USA.

The worlds most senior tae kwon do grandmasters were in attendance, namely Grandmaster Nam Tae Hi, Grandmaster C. K. Choi, Grandmaster Kong Young Il. Grandmaster Kong Young Bo. Grandmaster Woo Yup Yang. Grandmaster Park Dong Kenum, Grandmaster Cho Sang Min.Grandmaster Nam is famous for his demonstration in front of the South Korean President more than 60 years ago when he broke thirteen roofing tiles with a single blow. The President was so impressed that he decreed that the armed forces should begin training in this art. This event launched one of the most popular martial arts in the world.

Grand Master Nam was pleased with the high level of competition demonstrated during the tournament.

The World Tae Kwon Do Alliance who hosted the Goodwill championships on July 22-24th are now a working member of Tae Kwon Do International and they are also recognized by the WTF Olympic organization.

The TAGB took the competition by storm, they won many gold and silver medals and bronze in the individuals, they also won the men’s 3 man point team event and the men’s international 5 team event. The ladies also won the 3 woman point event and the 5 ladies national team event. Grandmaster C.K. Choi said it was the best display he had ever seen from an international team. By the end of the tournament everyone was talking about the TAGB and their style of fighting, they said that their movement, use of angles and kicking ability was the best they had seen in the USA.  The team went on to win many gold, silver & bronze medals in the individuals making them the most successful team at the championships by a long way.

Special thanks to 3 officials who traveled from the TAGB and worked all week-end: Mr. Bill Line 5th Dan from Southam, Mrs. Ann Thomas 3rd Dan from Brighton and Mr. Will Thomas 3rd Dan from Brighton and two yellow belts from Monmouth TAGB, Mr. Darren Wood who won gold in the sparring and his son Jodi Wood who won gold and silver, making their trip well worth while.

The TAGB squad members were:
Tamsen Clark. Nicky Line, Claire Sharples & Heather Braeken. Gordon Fearn, Warren Vice, Tyrrell Belony, Steve Fox, Munib Bhatti, Jackson White jnr, James Watson, James Reed, Darryn Duncan, Tim Chow, Michael McRobert, Carl Betty, Greg Dunlop.

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